7 Gates Of Healing Healing Body, Mind, And Soul




Brightest Blessings and welcome. This attunement will be given by two Reiki Masters. What this means to you is that you will be attuned to the energies that we practice every day in HEALING and magick. This is our life and how we make a living. Not part time healers but full time lifetime healers.

We are both Ordained Reverends and Have over 50 years experience with healing together.


Your attunements will be done by me, Raincloud Potillo and Rev. Elizabeth "Rowan Nineveh" .


There is no doubt that you were brought here for a reason. Please take a look around and see what’s in the store. We offer many wonderful services!






Who we are!

I know there are a lot of Reiki programs to choose from and a lot of healers to choose from so maybe you are asking why pick courses from me. Well, This is my life. I have been a healer my whole life.. even married a Shaman. I will do my best for you. I work with balance and integrity to bring you the best energies. The treatments and attunements from me are not just the same old manuals. I promise you WILL FEEL THE Difference if you have bought from others. My life goal is to heal others and teach others and I take this seriously. I knew from a little girl when I healed my first bird that this would be my life! I am here on ebay thanks to my good Friend Elizabeth but I will personally answer all emails. I will help you on your journey whatever it might be!



I will be bringing to you the best of my healing services and attunements. We are just getting started so be sure to add us to your favorites to see the wonderful auctions in the days to come! We have lots of exciting attunements to help, cleanse, make you more magickal, help you to bond, heal and be all you can be!



These attunements and healing will bring profound insight and changes into your lives and I will always be here to help!



Proud member of the American Paranormal Research Society

Ordained minister (30 years)

Reiki Grand master teacher

Co-founder The Body of Light Healing Center

Registered and accredited by World Reiki Association and

World Metaphysical Association

Doctorate in Metaphysics

Doctorate in Shamanism

Master in Wiccan studies

Elder High Priestess Coven of the Silver Stars

Light worker

Doctor of Divinity

What you will receive:

Once you have purchased and remitted payment I will contact you at your paypal email address.. I will email your manuals if any are provided ( see above) I will also send complete instructions on what to do and what to expect with your chi ball! After your attunement has been sent I will email you a certificate if listed above with complete lineage. Please send name you want on the certificate with your payment .If this is a healing or reading please send name and birth date.


Important Disclaimer: This treatment should never be used as a substitute for or instead of proper medical attention. Please seek appropriate medical care! This technique can work in unison with many other forms of medical treatment. Reiki integrates into your body, mind, and soul and will affect you in wonderful and exciting ways but cannot take the place of professional health care!.











Angel Lightworker Program

Founder: Linda Colibert


The angels will teach you. Each angel is a unique and this program and will teach you and heal you in amazing ways. This is a truely amazing program!






The Angel Lightworker Program connects you to the Angels you need to call on that will help you.

They will help you with







Psychic Intuition



and more!

You will learn how to use the energies of the Angel Lightworker Program to become more empowered and change your life for the better.

You can help yourself and others.

Archangels Chamuel and Uriel have stepped forward to bring the information in the manual to you. However, you will be working with many angels!


You will receive 3 attunements

one for each of the Three Spheres of Angels. There are several attunements within each Sphere that will come in automatically.


The attunement for the First Sphere includes:

The First Choir:




The Second Choir:




The Third Choir:



Fire Bird Phoenix

The Attunement for the Second Sphere includes:

Fourth Choir:



Fifth Choir:



Sixth Choir:



The Attunement for the Third Sphere includes:

The Seventh Choir:



The Eight Choir:



The Ninth Choir:



You will receive by email:


3 Attunements



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